We feel that your association’s Membership Directory is a core member benefit and that member communication is crucial to the strength of your organization. Where else can members locate those fellow members they may want to trade with? As your members face renewal every year, the question they most likely ask is “did my investment pay?" If your members can verify that their involvement with your association has had a positive effect on their bottom line, they are most likely to renew. In addition, new members are eager to promote their companies and make new business contacts.

A quality membership directory serves your members as the vital resource that facilitates consistent communication and the exchange of trade. The question now becomes “do your members require a printed publication, an electronic directory or both?”

At Performance Publishing, we feel we offer the finest association directories in the industry. Our print directories are produced by the owner. Someone who truly has a personal stake in the success of our projects. Our proofing is conducted by a long time employee that takes great pride in our publications’ accuracy. When contracting Performance Publishing, you can trust that your directory would benefit from our very personalized and hands on approach.

The Performance Publishing eDirectory has received a tremendous response. We can analyze it’s usage and have witnessed a solid trend upward. Our electronic directory easily links to an association website, is very user friendly and structured to accept display advertising which represents a profit share opportunity for our clients. The Performance Publishing eDirectory can efficiently take your member communication into the digital age. Here is a link to one of our current eDirectories. If interested, we would be glad to provide an online demonstration.

If you are looking for a smaller boutique firm that can provide the attention to detail that your directory project deserves, then Performance Publishing is the right choice.